Engagement With Confident Pluralism

Lauren Green’s October 25, 2016 interview of John on Fox News:


Federalist Society October 12, 2016 overview of Confident Pluralism:


John’s April 22, 2016 Q Talk about leaving our echo chambers and engaging across difference:


Additional links:

CSPAN’s broadcast of an October 18, 2016 panel discussion about Confident Pluralism at the Newseum with Yuval Levin, Meira Neggaz, Garnette Cadogan, Charles Haynes, and Brett McDonnell, moderated by Laurie Goodstein.

Video of October 24, 2016 discussion with Nicholas Kristof and Tim Keller, moderated by Stephanie Summers.

Michael Gerson’s June 6, 2016 review of Confident Pluralism in the Washington Post.

Jack Danforth’s September 28, 2016 nomination for “a book I’d like my elected officials to read” in the Christian Century.

Pete Wehner’s May 2, 2016 review of Confident Pluralism in Commentary.

You can read other reviews of Confident Pluralism here and John’s related writings in the Washington PostCNNLos Angeles Times, and USA Today here.