Confident Pluralism Study Guide

I’m delighted to share a free study guide to accompany Confident Pluralism.  Like most authors, part of my goal in writing this book is to get people to talk about its ideas.  But I think the topics I address may be particularly well-suited to consider with a group of people rather than in isolation–this is, after all, a book about living with each other amidst our differences.

I’ve also provided a sample syllabus for anyone interested in teaching a seminar around the ideas and themes of the book.  The syllabus doubles as a list of suggestions for further reading.

I coauthored the study guide with one of my research assistants, Jackie Carleton.  Jackie, along with another research assistant, Bryan Ryan, graduate from Wash U.’s Law School this Friday.  Working with them and other students has been one of the best parts of writing this book.